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Senior Portrait FAQ

March 13, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

 Since we are heading into senior season, today I’m going to write about some of the questions I hear from seniors.

How many outfits can I wear?

I do not limit the number of outfits, poses, hairstyles, etc. That is entirely up to you. But, keep in mind that the more outfit changes you make the less time we have for shooting.

What kind of clothes should I wear?

Your images should reflect who you are, so it is best to wear clothing that you like and like how it looks on you. Your clothing should flatter you without drawing attention away from your face.

Given that, it’s best to avoid fabrics such as plaids, prints and stripes. They can be distracting. Generally dark to medium tones work best – red, green, brown, tan, blue, black, etc. White and other light or bright colors can also work well.

This is a good example of what I mean.

I would suggest having a lot of outfits ready and we can decide which ones to use the day of the shoot.

What about my hair, hands, etc.?

Grooming is one of the keys to an outstanding portrait. This includes hands, hair, facial hair, etc.

You want your hair to be well groomed in a style that you like and know. Your portraits are not really the time to try a new hair style. It’s also not a good idea to get your hair cut right before the shoot. Bring a brush or comb to do any last minute grooming.

Guys should shave no more than two hours prior to the appointment.

What about glasses?

If you can get a lenses frame, without lenses that is the best choice. This will avoid reflections in the lenses. Your eye doctor may be willing to loan you a frame like your own for the shoot. Otherwise there are a few things we can do during the shoot to reduce the reflections, though it may not be possible to totally eliminate them.

What about makeup?

Makeup is great for hiding blemishes, soften lines, remove dark bags under eyes, etc. But, keep it light and simple. (Tip – If you are not confident in your makeup skills, take advantage of the free makeovers available at most mall department stores).

How long until I receive my prints?

Typically, the online proofs of your images are available for you to view about one – two weeks after the shoot. Once you have selected and paid for the prints it is about another week for them to arrive.

I don’t have any ideas for locations, could you suggest some?

Absolutely. I have several locations where I like to shoot. I would be glad to discuss locations with you during a consultation session.

What is a consultation session and do I have to pay for one?

A consultation session is where I meet with the student and one or more parent/guardian to discuss what you are looking for in your images. We will discuss how the process works, what outfits you plan to wear, date, time and location of the shoot and other similar topics.

There is no charge for the consultation.

What retouching/editing is included?

My fees include basic image editing to crop, adjust coloring and brightness, remove blemishes and soften lines. It does not include removing braces, reflections/distortion for glasses, stray hairs, sunburns, objects, etc.

Can I bring props?

Sure, many people like to do shots reflecting their interests (sports, music, etc). Sports or band uniforms, sporting equipment and musical instruments are all great props. I would like for us to discuss what you have in mind before hand.

My school has a contract with another photographer. Do I have to get my senior portraits for them? Can I have them do my shot for the yearbook and have you do my other senior portrait shots?

Many schools have contracts with preferred photographers. Most, if not all of these contracted photographers do excellent work. Unfortunately for the student, the prices charged by the contract photographers can be high and not all of them are flexible when it comes to shooting on location. However, the schools cannot force you to hire the contract photographers to do your portraits or your yearbook photo.

Having the contract photographer shoot your yearbook photo, does have some advantages from the school’s point of view. It helps them get a consistent look for the yearbook. I have no problem with my clients using the contract photographer for their yearbook image and having me shoot their other portraits.

How does the session fee work?

The session fee clock starts once we are at the first location and are set up ready to shoot. It stops once we have finished shooting at our last location, prior to me breaking down and storing my equipment. So the initial setup and last breakdown of equipment is not charged to you.

Where is your studio?

I  work out of an in-home studio in Twinsburg. That is the main reason I am able to keep my prices low. I do have portable backgrounds, lights, reflectors, diffusers that I also use on location to produce high quality images.



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